Celebrate the Holidays, South Africa Style

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but there are a lot of places that can still offer a good time and take you out of your typical routine. As long as you’re with your family, you can celebrate the holidays no matter where you are. If you’re thinking about changing things up and trying out a destination holiday, then South Africa might be the perfect place. There’s plenty to do, and the weather is perfect, since the holidays are in the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere. You could end up having so much fun that you decide to make a trip to South Africa your family tradition for the holidays every year. Keep reading and celebrate the holidays, South Africa style.

Holidays on the Beach

Unless you’re from the southern parts of the United States, spending your winter holiday on the beach is probably not something you’d think to do. If you want to soak up some rays during your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa festivities, then consider a trip to South Africa. December is right around the middle of the summer season in South Africa, so you can trade in the cold snow for the warm sand.

Starting a New Tradition

You might already have family traditions, but it’s never too late to start new ones. Sitting around the table together for a holiday dinner in your dining room or at your cousin’s house is nice, but there is far more to do when you’re on vacation for the holidays. Between cruises, safaris, and relaxation time on the beach, you may want to go back every year.

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