Discover Table Mountain National Park

On your trip to South Africa, you may expect to see landscapes unlike those that you’re used to, especially if you venture to some of the nation’s premier outdoor destinations. At the top of the list for many travelers is Table Mountain National Park, which was previously known as Cape Peninsula National Park. Located in Cape Town, this vibrant national park showcases two distinct and unique environments, the mountain for which the park was named as well as the lower elevation beachside region of the Cape of Good Hope. Here’s a quick look at what you can discover on your visit:

See African Penguins

Nestled in the Boulders section of the park where the beaches are protected by massive boulders, there is a colony of rare African penguins. Visitors are welcome to view the penguins from a boardwalk viewing area, which is designed to get you up close without risks to you or the wildlife.

Hike the Mountain

Table Mountain offers breathtaking views and a uniquely beautiful cover of clouds that cascades down the mountainside in the wind. Hikers frequent the trails with everything from gradual and easy ridge side strolls to intense climbs for some of the most amazing views around. If you want to check out the scenery without the strenuous exercise, check out the revolving cable car at the top of the mountain.

Hit the Beach

In the Cape of Good Hope, you’ll find many beaches to enjoy adventure or relaxation. You’ll see the mountains in the backdrop as you enjoy the beaches, though you may need to book specific activities, because they can require permits. There are also areas where swimming is restricted due to rip currents.

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