What to Expect When You Visit These Indian Ocean Islands

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the most beautiful and tranquil islands on Earth. If you have been dreaming of a vacation that allows you to really kick back and relax in paradise, consider booking a trip to one of the fabulous islands throughout the area. From luxurious Mauritius to the idyllic Seychelles, there are many spots to choose from when you are booking your journey. Here is a look at what to expect when you visit a few of the most popular Indian Ocean islands.


Mauritius is truly a paradise for any lucky traveller who gets to take a vacation on its sandy shores. When you visit Mauritius, you will be able to book a room in a luxury resort that is located right on the beach. During your stay on Mauritius, you can choose to snorkel, scuba dive, golf, or simply enjoy beach time with your family.


While Mauritius is a fairly developed island with lots of resorts, the Seychelles offer the opportunity to really get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Seychelles has gorgeous, white sand beaches that are perfect for paddle boarding, snorkeling, or canoeing. With an inclusive travel package, you will also receive spa amenities and butler services.


If you love the great outdoors, you are sure to enjoy a trip to the Maldives. These islands are home to more than 2,000 different fish species, which you can observe during a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. The turquoise blue ocean of the Maldives is the perfect setting for your next vacation.

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