Fun Safari Animals Facts for Kids!

The highlight of a family vacation to South Africa is undoubtedly a game drive through a safari! As you are planning your trip to with your children, you can tell them these fun facts about their favorite safari animals!

  • A baby giraffe is called a calf and can weigh up to 220 pounds when it is born. (Source: Giraffe Conservation)
  • A lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away! At 114 decibels, it is one of the loudest noises made by an animal. (Source: Scientific American). See and hear lions on DSA Vacations Best Value Botswana tour.
  • Baby sharks are called pups and a mother shark can have anywhere between 1 and 100 pups at a time. (Source: Kidzone). A great white shark encounter is included on our Rhino and Shark Adventure tour.

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