Highlights of Japan


One of the world’s most cutting-edge capitals, Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Famous for its cutting-edge modernity, neon-lit landscape, and towering skyscrapers, it is also home to sprawling parklands, peaceful shrines and temples, and lovingly tended gardens. Despite its love affair with manga pop culture, fashion, high-tech trends and conspicuous consumption, below the surface is a city embedded in ancient heritage. Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples stand close to skyscrapers as a reminder of a more contemplative time and at the heart of the hyperactive center lies the serene Imperial Palace – home of the ruling emperor – providing a tangible link to the city’s ancient past. Behind the shopping, entertainment and commercial emporia are the quaint wooden houses, private gardens with meticulously clipped bonsai trees, and the calming Hamarikyu Gardens. The city’s reputation as a costly metropolis is ill-conceived and visitors can take advantage of the inexpensive izakaya bars and neighborhood cafes that serve delicious noodles and rice dishes.

Trip Highlights

  • Mount Fuji
  • World’s Second Longest Cable Car ride up Mt Owakudani
  • Kyoto  Day Tour- UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Bullet Train to Osaka
  • Hiroshima – Peace Memorial Park
  • Tokyo Day Tour