Tranquility of Laos


When you are planning to visit Asia, Laos should be the first choice for its multi-dimensional beauty all over the country.  Laos is situated in Asia, beside Vietnam and Thailand.  Laos is famous for its mountains.  In the world-wide term of tourism, Laos is a “forgotten country” and, for this reason, it becomes an alluring destination for experienced travelers.

“Once in Laos, you will fully feel of slow life rhythm.”  This feeling may be from small quiet towns, the small scale of hotels, friendly and quiet Laotians, to silent steps of hundred Buddhist monks on the tranquil streets of Luang Prabang who you will see at dawn.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit the major sites of Vientiane
  • Cook with a Laotian chef in Vientiane
  • Tour to a beautiful waterfall in Beloven
  • Enjoy Lao traditional massage in Pakse
  • Visit the famous Wat Phou and the green Khong Island
  • Visit Liphi Waterfalls
  • Full day to explore the ancient Luang Prabang City
  • Tour to the famous Pak ou Cave and Kuangsi Waterfalls
  • Experience a Lao Baci ceremony and home-hosted dinner