See These Historical Sights While Visiting Israel

When you take a vacation in Israel, you will be able to absorb the country’s rich history and culture. In cities such as Tel-Aviv, modern society combines with ancient history to create a rich and vibrant culture. No trip to Israel would be complete without a tour of some of the country’s famous historical sites, which can be traced through thousands of years of history. Here are some historical sights to see during your trip to Israel.

Western Wall

During your tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, you will stop at a site that is known as The Western Wall. This holy site was originally constructed in the year 19 BCE, and formed a section of one of the city’s most famous temples. When it was built, The Western Wall was crafted from durable limestone. Today, Jewish people use the wall as a highly sacred place of worship, prayer, and contemplation.

Roman Theatre of Caesarea

The Roman Theatre is located in the costal district of Caesarea. When you visit the ancient city of Caesarea, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient Roman Theatre. When it was originally constructed, this theatre was designed to accommodate up to 4,000 spectators. Today, the Roman Theatre hosts outdoor concerts by some of Israel’s top performing artists.

Mount of Beatitudes

The Mount of Beatitudes is situated in northern Israel. This site is historically noted as the place where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Near the top of the Mount of Beatitudes, you will find a beautiful Byzantine church, which contains beautiful mosaics and stunning architecture.

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