Spotlight on the Riemvasmaak Community Conservancy

If you want to truly get off of the beaten path during your upcoming trip to South Africa, consider a stop at the Riemvasmaak Community Conservancy. Since 1994, this large area of land has been preserved by local community members and transformed into a rugged and beautiful ecological site. To help you get started on planning your trip around South Africa, here is a look at some of the activities that the Riemvasmaak Community Conservancy has to offer.

4×4 Trails

Riemvasmaak is renowned for its extensive network of 4×4 trails. From behind the wheel of a 4×4, you can journey around the park on a series of circular trail systems. The trails range from easy to difficult, so there are plenty of adventure opportunities for experienced and novice 4×4 riders. As you ride through the conservancy, you will see beautiful volcanic stone, important geological features, and a wide assortment of plants and animals.

Mountain Biking

If 4×4 trail riding isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure, consider exploring Riemvasmaak on the saddle of a mountain bike. Advanced mountain bike riders are sure to be thrilled by the rough and sometimes challenging terrain that is found throughout the conservancy. You can expect your mountain bike tour to take up to eight hours, so come prepared with water and snacks.

Hot Springs

The Riemvasmaak Hot Springs are among the top attractions of the area. These natural springs are situated on the slopes of beautiful, granite mountains. If you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful view, you should be sure to make a stop at the hot springs of Riemsvasmaak.

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