How to Successfully Survive a Long-Haul Flight

You may be a professional, frequent flier of long-haul flights, but for those of you that aren’t, here are a few tricks on how to stay sane after an extremely long flight!


This is the number one trick to a successful, long-haul flight! Getting comfortable isn’t hard, but staying that way is the challenge. Don’t bother coming in high-heels and tight jeans. Instead, opt for comfortable, cotton pants and flat shoes. If you are able to pay or use points for an upgrade to business class or premium economy, do it to ensure maximum comfort. If not, consider bulk head or an exit row seat where there is more space. It isn’t always about the leg room but it will certainly help. Try not to bring too much carry-on luggage as you do not want to be competing for sleep-space, but bring the essentials: eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, compression socks to help you throughout the flight, a toothbrush and change of clothes to feel refreshed after!

Seat assignments

You may typically be a window person where you get a wall to lean your head and a window to snap those Instagram-worthy cloud pictures, but when it comes to getting out and walking around to stretch your legs and take bathroom breaks, you’ll run into struggles. Maybe opt for an aisle seat where moving around comes with ease. Pick your seat ahead of time if the airline allows it or consider asking the ticket counter agents for any open seating (especially if you’re traveling with others). Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a seat or two for yourself! Helpful tip: SeatGuru is your friend! Use this helpful resource for maps and seat assignments of most planes.


Come prepared! Movies and music are your best friends. Be ready in advance and do not rely on the airline entertainment to get you through your flight. Watch a movie (or three), listen to a new podcast, even find a new book to read! Who knows, maybe you won’t want to get off the plane until you finish that last chapter!


Starting a vacation under the weather is never a good thing! Make sure to take plenty of vitamins and get lots of sleep ahead of time. Do not bank on catching up on lost sleep on the plane. Bring snacks and HYDRATE! The constant liquid in your body will also give you a reason to get up and walk around every couple of hours. Consider your electrolyte intake and bring a Gatorade or two. You can never be too hydrated.


Enjoy the journey, long though it may be, the results with leave you with lasting memories to cherish!

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