Take a Bike Tour of South Africa

Safari Vacations

Though it’s possible to see many sights by car or boat on your trip to South Africa, you might want to see more of the backcountry by traveling on your bike. Cross-country tours of the entire nation are popular, and you can see many parts of the country without traveling off paved roads. If you want to plan an active adventure for your South Africa trip, read ahead to see what you should know to prepare for your tour.

See Wildlife Up Close

Many people have images of wildlife all around South Africa, but it’s not something you’ll see everywhere. You will want to go to wildlife preserves and remote natural areas to get the safari experience, and many of these are accessible by bike. In wildlife areas, you’ll likely be separated by large fences and enclosures from the most dangerous animals, but there are some creatures you may need to watch for up close, such as baboons, snakes, and wildebeest.

Traverse All Types of Terrain

Along with an abundance of wildlife, you may encounter many varieties of terrain. South Africa features sandy beaches, tall mountains, and many ecosystems in between, so you can bike all around. However, you do not necessarily need to get a mountain bike and prepare for off-road adventures. Many cyclists plan their entire treks on paved roads, which are kept in great condition for riders.

Book a Guided Tour

For the most fun and inclusive experience by bike, you might book a professionally guided tour. This will ensure that you always know where you’re going and have the resources you need as you take an unforgettable trip across the country’s unique landscapes.

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