Wildlife You’ll See in Outdshoorn

South Africa is home to many wild, exotic, and amazing animals. If animal encounters are high on your list during your vacation to Africa, you will want to make a stop as Outdshoorn. While this wildlife reserve is renowned for its population of ostriches, you will also see many other types of animals during your tour. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible wildlife that you can expect to see when you visit Outdshoorn.


Outdshoorn is famous for its impressive ostrich ranches. In fact, the ostrich industry in the local region can trace its roots back to the mid-1800s, when ostrich ranches were founded across the countryside. Over the past century, farmers in Outdshoorn have raised impressive flocks of ostriches that number in the thousands. If you have always wanted to see an ostrich up close, you will have many opportunities to do so during your Outdshoorn adventure.


The Cargo Wildlife Ranch is a nature preserve in the heart of Outdshoorn. One of the most popular animals that makes its home at the Cargo Wildlife Ranch is the cheetah. During an animal encounter on the ranch, you will get close to these big cats and learn all about their habits and personalities.


While Madagascar is widely known for its native lemur colonies, you can also see these amazing mammals during a visit to Outdshoorn. In fact, the only lemur colonies in South Africa make their home at the Cargo Wildlife Ranch. As you tour the lemur habitat, you will have a rare opportunity to get close to three different species of lemurs.

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